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Departure date Return date Price
07.08.2022 07.08.2022 130 kn
24.7.2022 24.7.2022 130 kn
30.7.2022 30.7.2022 130 kn
31.7.2022 31.7.2022 130 kn
06.08.2022 06.08.2022 130 kn
23.7.2022 23.7.2022 130 kn


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** The travel agency is required by law to provide you with the aforementioned insurance. Cancellation insurance is 3.5% of the total amount of insurance and is payable on first payment. Travel health insurance is paid up to 3 days before departure. The contact information collected through this form will not be made public or used for any purpose other than responding to your inquiry! Please review our privacy policy Here.
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